New Tri-Stone Sharpener from WÜSTHOF

WÜSTHOF introduces its new Tri-Stone Sharpener (model 2911). As its name implies, the Tri-Stone Sharpener distinguishes itself from other whetstone sharpeners by featuring sharpening stones with three different and precisely engineered grit surfaces for optimum sharpening and honing results.

Wusthof sharpenerDesigned for professional chefs and avid home cooks, the new Tri-Stone Sharpener is available now at retail nationwide for $49.99 suggested retail.

The Tri-Stone Sharpener features Fine (3000#), Medium (1000#) and Coarse (240#) grit sharpening surfaces. Each stone’s firm yet still porous structure continuously releases small particles during the sharpening process. This powder, in combination with water, sharpens knives with professional results.

Providing a comprehensive and versatile system to maintain a razor-sharp edge to all types of fine cutlery, the Tri-Stone Sharpener can be used to sharpen and hone knives with standard double-edge blades, as well as knives with single-bevel edges, such as WÜSTHOF’s newly introduced Classic 9-inch Sushi Knife.

As a helpful reminder to keep the sharpening stones well saturated during use, a small plastic water bottle is included. The sharpening stones and water bottle nestle neatly inside a compact wooden base that also functions as the sharpener’s container for compact storage in a kitchen pantry or drawer.

The new Tri-Stone Sharpener can be used to sharpen and hone all knives offered by WÜSTHOF, as well as other brands.

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