Vista Alegre Previews Tabletop Show Introductions

Vista Alegre is building on the broad array of porcelain and crystal collections that were introduced at the April 2013 Tabletop Show.  New products include home décor and giftware items in the Transatlântica collection, as well as similar offerings from four new collections: Triadic, Jardinière, Plissé, Corais, and Printemps.

Vista Alegre JardiniereTransatlântica is a dinnerware set created by renowned Brazilian designer Bruno Jahara that reunites two worlds in a remarkable collection that will now have new and exciting pieces (jars, jugs and other decorative items) to build on its introduction during April’s market. Celebrating “The Year of Portugal in Brazil,” this luscious pattern crosses the Atlantic to show the grand union of blood between two worlds, in a multicultural, original interpretation.   Also new for this show, the company’s Triadic line of contemporary vases and a centerpiece was inspired by the work of Oskar Schlemmer, the creator of the Triadic Ballet, one of the most popular avant-garde dance performances from the golden age of the Bauhaus school.  The collection uses stark geometrical forms and bold lines and colors to evoke human figures in a puppet theater style.

Also being shown is the new Jardinière collection of decorative porcelain baskets with leather handles.  The designer, Carsten Gollnick, contrasted the warm tones of the leather with the exquisite shine of porcelain, maintaining the aesthetic and cultural identity of the objects themselves.

The Plissé and Corais lines are debuting as well, offering a variety of gorgeous pieces that can be used on the table and throughout the home.  Plissé is a collection of decorative boxes with organic teardrop shapes that unites the refined look of cut crystal with the elegance and luxury of fine porcelain.

Designed by Bartek Major, the Corais centerpiece is visually stunning as a result of its alternately convex and concave surface, the play of light on which evokes the waves of the ocean and the magnificence of coral formations.

These new introductions will further increase Vista Alegre’s presence at the tabletop market and at retail.  Since its U.S. debut in April, 2013, the brand has become available in more than 85 retailers and is being permanently shown in mini-showrooms in Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.  The flagship showroom of Vista Alegre USA continues to be located on the ninth floor of FortyOne Madison in New York City.

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