KRUPS Wine Aerator-Preservation System

KRUPS is making its first foray into wine with the KRUPS 2-Door Wine Aerator and Preserver. Designed for the wine enthusiast and home entertainer, the KRUPS Wine Aerator offers a perfect pour, storage, and preservation at exactly the right temperature for two different varieties of wine at once.

KRUPS wine aeratorFor the perfect pour, store and preserve two varieties of wine at once with this state-of-the-art wine keeper-dispenser. Two 50-degree pre-set chilling chambers can be customized separately to your preferred temperature between 7 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Each is outfitted with an aerator to advance the “breathing” process and open up the full bouquet of wines quickly, while simultaneously vacuum-pressurizing contents to delay oxidation (5–7 days for white wine, 7–10 days for red wine). Twenty permanent settings are coded by wine type, or you can choose your own. When switched on, the system begins cooling/preservation mode, and automatically stops if no bottle is in place. Designed for use with traditional glass wine bottles (with cork tops). The KRUPS Wine Aerator and Dispenser will be sold at Crate and Barrel locations beginning November 2013. The unit retails for 499.99.

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