Harney & Sons Adds Hydro Flask to Product Line

Hydro Flask will now be carried by Harney & Sons, a 30-year-old company that specializes in high quality loose teas. The Harney & Sons logo will be featured on white 18-ounce Wide Mouth Hydro Flasks with the Hydro Flip Lid.

Hydro Flask entered the coffee and tea market last year with the 18-ounce Wide Mouth Flask, which has received high praise for its outstanding performance. The flask keeps coffee and tea hot for 12 hours and iced coffee, iced tea and smoothies icy cold for 24 hours.

The flasks are a great fit for Harney & Sons tea products, which are distributed to major retailers like Target, Barnes & Noble and the Four Seasons, in addition to its catalog business, which has more than 100,000 subscribers.

“We are incredibly pleased to partner with such a well-known and widely respected brand within the tea industry as Harney & Sons,” said Charlie Ortega, the Hydro Flask Vice President of Sales for Food and Beverage. “This partnership should help us continue to make great strides in this important category.”

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