Chef’sChoice Introduces Two New Small Electrics

Just in time for the holidays, Chef’sChoice is now shipping two new small electrics — ideal kitchen accessories for fresh baked goodness and for entertaining family and friends:

ChefsChoice Pie makerCreate Sweet and Savory Treats, Reinvent Leftovers in Minutes! Make breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks with one versatile appliance! The new Chef’sChoice® PetitePie™ Maker Model 860 by EdgeCraft Corporation is now shipping to retailers across the country. It’s the ideal kitchen accessory for quickly preparing sweet or savory mini treats and reinventing leftovers. Keep it simple or step up your culinary creativity with the Chef’sChoice® PetitePie™ Maker–adults and children alike will enjoy the sumptuous home baked results! In just minutes, the Model 860 bakes four delicious individual size pies that can be filled with a variety of flavorful fillings. Whether you follow the recipes included with the PetitePie™ Maker or create your own, it’s a must have addition to your kitchen for quickly and easily preparing a variety of tasty homemade delights including quiches, muffins, savory meat, veggie or potato pies, fruit pies, cakes, tarts and so much more!

The deep-pocketed, non-stick, easy release pie plates are four inches in diameter, ideal for making perfectly sized personal pies. The PetitePie™ Maker features a precise Digital Timer and “Ready” beeper that work together to eliminate guesswork and create superb results every time. The convenient “Baking” and “Ready” to bake LED indicator lights let you know when the unit is powered on and ready to bake the next batch of delicious pies. The PetitePie™ Maker Model 860 is a beautifully designed professional baking system that comes complete with the pie maker, pastry cutter, pastry press and many delicious recipes. Its’ convenient locking latch handle and built in edge crimper insure perfectly sealed pie edges every time. The unit includes a convenient built-in cord wrap for easy storage. The Chef’sChoice PetitePie™ Maker Model 860 is now available for $79.99 US and $89.99 in Canada through leading department stores, mail-order catalogs and specialty stores. It comes with a one year limited household warranty.

ChefsChoice WafflemakerEnjoy Fresh Baked Waffles In less Than Three Minutes! Less than three minutes is all it takes to enjoy delicious homemade waffles with the new and extremely fast Classic WafflePro® Model 854 waffle maker! No matter how hectic your schedule, it’s easy to put waffles on the menu and delight palettes young and old with the fresh baked goodness and aroma of homemade waffles.

The Classic WafflePro® 854 now brings to the home features found only in commercial waffle makers. Using Chef’sChoice’s exclusive Quad® Baking System, it quickly bakes four delicious four-inch waffles in under three minutes. The advanced Quad® Baking System provides twice the heating elements of conventional waffle makers and a separate Taste/Texture Select® button. Simply press the Taste/Texture Select® button to choose either “Fast Bake” waffles that are crispy outside with a moist, oven fresh interior; or “Slow Bake” for crunchier waffles with uniform texture. The precise temperature control ensures consistent even baking and the floating hinge and latching handle guarantees uniform waffle thickness for perfect waffles, time after time.

The Classic WafflePro® Model 854 is always ready to bake with its incredibly fast heat-up time, short bake cycle and quick recovery time. The “Waffle Ready” beeper; and “Baking” and “Ready” to bake LED indicator lights let you know when the waffles are ready to be served and savored! And serving the waffles is easy with the superior, non-stick waffle plate coating that provides optimal, no-fuss waffle release and easy clean-up. The WafflePro® also features a convenient built-in cord wrap for easy storage. Whether entertaining or serving friends and family, the Chef’sChoice® Classic WafflePro® 854 can create a variety of waffles. including breakfast and dessert waffles; waffles for sandwiches and much more. Ideal for homemade or quick mix batters, the unit comes with a selection of delicious recipes. Currently shipping to retailers across the country, the Classic WafflePro® Model 854 is available for $99.99 US and $119.99 Canada through leading department stores, mail-order catalogs, and specialty stores. For further information, call (800) 342-3255 or visit

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