iFork Tableware Line Keeps the Utensil off the Table

The iFork line of cutlery is a revolutionary system developed to make dining worry free. Studies have shown that the common restaurant table can harbor more than double the bacteria count of diaper changing tables, and yet few people stop to worry about whether their space has been sanitized. Thanks to the iFork’s unique design, even when the utensil is sitting on the table it’s never compromised and the table top stays squeaky clean.

iForkFor the everyday cook the iFork system is an easy way to cut down on cleaning time. The iFork’s claim to fame is all in its build. Each piece is made with a special rivet or “iPoint” on the backside that acts as a little shelf that hoists the tines, bowl, or blade of the utensil above the germ line and keeps food from hitting the deck. Now it’s easy to whip up a meal or enjoy a rich bowl of spaghetti with the kids without worrying                                                                                        about cleaning up the food, sauces, and                                                                                            spreads left behind.

Their sleek, modern lines and simple yet effective design also makes it the perfect series for entertaining. Use the special bumps to stack the utensils in a number of different ways to create table settings that range from elegant to eclectic. The line includes the iFork, iKnife, iSpoon, and iSpork, and is available in both stainless steel and plastic disposable options.

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