Coffee Equipment from Melitta

Whether you’re an at-home entertainer, traveler and or simply just a gadget lover, Melitta has some must-have gadgets that make time in the kitchen easier and definitely tastier!

Melitta’s 14-Cup Coffee Grinder:

Melitta GrinderWith all its bells and whistles, Melitta’s 14-Cup Coffee Grinder is sure to impress. Its coffee grind fineness control (fine, medium or coarse) and precise cup settings (4, 8, 12 or 14 cups) are completely customizable, and it features hands-free operation and a removable grinding chamber – for quick grinding and easy clean-up. A gadget for all to enjoy! Melitta’s 14-Cup Coffee Grinder is $29.99, available at specialty retailers and online at and

Melitta’s Gourmet Espresso Maker:

Melitta Espresso MakerFor the perfect cup of espresso, Melitta’s Gourmet Espresso Maker delivers! With its powerful 15 bar Italian Pump, brewing a delicious cup of espresso is a breeze. This machine is specially designed for use with Easy Serve Espresso pods (E.S.E.) or your favorite ground espresso. Special features include a slide and lock filter holder for fast, easy use and a removable water reservoir for easy fill up; heats water quickly to provide hot water on demand. Melitta’s Gourmet Espresso Maker is $149.99, available at and

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