Efeet Collection Stands on its Own Feet

Dylan Kendall’s new line of footed home accessories, the Efeet Collection, takes a stand against boring dishware. Turning traditional dishware on its head, the Efeet Collection proves that functional can be fun with footed bowls, footed mugs and a bathroom set that takes the user on an imaginative, joy-filled journey where growing up is optional.

Designer and social entrepreneur, Dylan Kendall bursts onto the home décor market with her whimsical and joyful launch line of tabletop ware, The Efeet Collection, designed for her eponymous new home accessories company, Dylan Kendall.

_1_EXPgtaDS0RwFrT7PhWHfWUge16a4rgGHXIl7YQJQThis one of a kind collection, the first one ever with feet, was designed by Dylan Kendall, an original artist, who describes herself as “a studio artist turned social entrepreneur turned designer.” The collection represents a perfect mixture of cute-plus-elegant and strikes a perfect balance between the two, without leaning too much on either side.

cYovy-gkTVKnI4zOhY4j4JiTfvCUrMQOovUEwEAo9dM,59xm5E-IZN_d1baE1p9xak8Ec_bemJwbYx7bCbSniiIThe Efeet Collection invites users to walk through the Looking Glass. Bowls, coffee sets, vases and other dishware are whimsically perched on human feet, coming alive on tables and counters. The Efeet Bathroom Collection eschews human feet for the four paws found on a clawfoot bath tub and the toothbrush cup reminds one to brush her teeth with a row of teeth lining the cup’s edge.

kittyspicebowlsThe Efeet Collection soft-launched in Fall of 2011 to rave reviews, selling out immediately after placement on leading design-influencer sites Beautiful Life, Design Milk and Swiss Miss. After several months reorganizing to meet demand, the Efeet Collection returned to market Fall of 2012. Spring 2013 welcomed new colors to the warmly received line.

Petbowls_foodtray_full copyFall 2013 will pay homage to four footed friends with a line of four pawed pet bowls in 5 different sizes — for dogs; 9″ and 7″ and cats 6″, 5″ and 4″. Lead free with a slight lift for easy swallowing, better eating posture and overall cleanliness, these bowls will bring a little fun to “its time to feed the dog.”

All products are dishwasher and microwave safe.

For more information about Dylan Kendall and the Efeet Collection, visit www.dylankendall.com .

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