Honeywell Offers Line of True HEPA Air Purifiers

Airborne allergens, mold spores and even odors are no match for the new Honeywell True HEPA Air Purifiers. Available just in time for fall allergy season, the new line provides trusted HEPA air filtration from the #1 brand according to allergists who recommend an air purifier brand. New, convenient design features include intuitive LED easy-tap, touch sensitive controls, multiple cleaning levels for germs, allergens, and general cleaning, and a “Turbo” setting in select models for faster cleaning and odor reduction. Representing the gold standard in air cleaning and convenience, the new Honeywell air purifiers are available in a variety of sizes perfect for any room in the house.

“Air within the home can host a multitude of allergens and airborne particles that many consumers don’t even know are there,” says Dr. Ted Myatt, ScD, a microbiologist and expert in indoor air quality with Environmental Health & Engineering and the University of Rhode Island. “Homeowners concerned about their indoor air should consider dual filtration systems like the Honeywell True HEPA room air cleaner models, which meet standards of efficiency set by the United States Department of Energy. The HEPA filters effectively help capture airborne pollen, such as grass, tree and other pollen, as well as dust, smoke, pet fur/dander, mold spores, bacteria and viruses from the air passing through them. The pre-filter also absorbs odors and volatile organic compounds that result from cleaning supplies, new carpet, paint, and some types of furniture.”

Honeywell True HEPA models are available at retail stores, and each is ENERGY STAR® qualified. Homeowners that purchase these models may be eligible for utility rebates and should check with their local electric providers.

  • Honeywell True HEPA Tower (HPA160) – Ideal for medium to large-sized rooms like living rooms, master bedrooms, or even playrooms, this unit incorporates sleek, intuitive controls that maximize operation for “General Clean,” “Germs,” “Allergens,” and “Turbo” for faster cleaning and odor reduction. Features include quiet operation, an auto shut-off timer and filter change reminders. (MSRP $189.99, Available at Target)

Honeywell True HEPA Consoles: These consoles offer highly efficient air cleaning in three convenient sizes for medium, large and extra-large rooms in the home or office. The consoles provide four cleaning levels paired with sleek controls that respond to the tap of a finger, a light dimmer and a convenient auto shut-off timer.

  • Medium Room Model – for spaces up to 155 square feet (MSRP $139.99; Available in black HPA100 and white HPA104)
  • Large Room Model – for spaces up to 310 square feet (MSRP $199.99; Available in black HPA200 and white HPA204)
  • Extra- large Room Model – for spaces up to 465 square feet (MSRP $249.99; Available in black HPA300)
  • Honeywell True HEPA Compact Tower (HPA060) – Ideal for apartment living and smaller spaces like bedrooms and offices, this compact tower features powerful air cleaning technology in a smaller, more affordable size. This model features a convenient filter check reminder and a dial control with three settings for customizable air cleaning. (MSRP $89.99)

For more information on Honeywell air purifiers, visit or

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