Whitford Adds to Range of Colored Coatings

Whitford, makers of the worlds largest, most complete line of fluoropolymer coatings, has expanded its range of colored coatings for cookware exteriors and interiors, adding them to its Xylac® and Skandia® lines.
Xylac is a premium-quality, decorative silicone-polyester exterior coating with excellent
stain resistance and high gloss. In addition to these features, Xylac is resistant to high temperatures, making it an attractive and functional choice for cookware and bakeware exteriors, personal-care products and appliance exteriors. Xylac is available in virtually any color, including earth tones, pastels, bright white and metallic.
The Skandia family of coatings is available in three systems: Skandia, Skandia2 and Skandia Xtreme. These roller coatings offer an economical alternative to spray coatings with comparable nonstick performance, making then an excellent choice for cost-driven, post-formed cookware programs. Skandia, Skandia2 and Skandia Xtreme are also
available for coil, making them ideal for the moderate to lower-moderate category of
bakeware and roasters, and are available in 17 eye-catching colors.
For more information on these new colors, visit whitfordww.com/housewares/colors, or contact your Whitford representative at sales@whitfordww.com.

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