VIVA Scandinavia introduces “Perfect Chiller” in NY

VIVA Scandinavia will debut a new beverage chilling set called the Perfect Chiller at the New York Now international gift fair. Unlike similar products that only maintain beverage temperatures, the Perfect Chiller chills liquids down to the perfect drinking temperature in just 10 minutes. The temperature is then maintained for up to a full hour, much longer than similar products. Consumers can now enjoy a perfectly chilled beverage almost immediately, without the need to cool it in the refrigerator, or freezer.
VIVA Scandinavia Perfect ChillerAnd, unlike a normal wine bottle, the Perfect Chiller system features a decanter with a drip-free spout, so there’s no mess.
The Perfect Chiller will be on display at the tag ltd. booth, #3540, at Javits. It comes as a set that consists of a chiller wand, a mouth-blown hand crafted glass decanter, drip-free spout, and stopper.
“It’s the perfect solution to an age-old problem,” says VIVA Scandinavia spokesman Floyd Sullivan. “You can buy any favorite wine at the last minute, not just what’s in a wine store’s cooler, and have it decanted and chilled in minutes.”
The wand freezes in three hours, and will chill a wine in 10 minutes. It attaches to the drip-free spout and is easily inserted into a full 750 ml of liquid in the decanter. Beverage not consumed can be saved using the stainless steel-and-silicone stopper.
tag ltd. of Chicago handles U.S. wholesale sales and distribution for VIVA Scandinavia.

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