Composting is the New Cool

Last year more than 33 million tons of food waste ended up in landfills across the United States with only a measly four percent of the country’s food scraps being composted. With cities like Seattle, San Francisco and now New York offering municipal compost programs, composting couldn’t be easier. Many community gardens and farmer’s markets also accept compost, but first you need to have the right equipment.

oxo compost binThe OXO Compost Bin is designed to make the collection of kitchen scraps simple and it’s attractive enough to sit on your kitchen counter. The lid flips up and stays open (a key) so it’s easy to add food scraps to the ¾-gallon capacity container. Smooth interior walls and rounded bottom corners prevent food from building up and also make emptying and cleaning the bucket simple. Sized to hold the food scraps from several meals but not too much to attract buggy friends and become smelly, the compost bin is compact enough to easily tuck under the sink or store in the freezer to minimize odors. After a few days, and you really don’t want your compost hanging around for more than a few days, grab the bin by its sturdy handle to deposit scraps. The contoured bottom and removable lid make emptying clean and simple.

Suggested Retail: $19.99

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