in2food gourmet Adds Pavoni Line

in2food gourmet has added the Pavoni line of products as a complement to the already strong product selection.

With more than 30 years of international leadership in the bakery and pastry fields, Pavoni has a range of more that 6,000 products. Pavoni’s 150,000 square foot production and distribution facility in Italy is focused on product development, innovation and customization.

Pavoni makes 100 percent platinum silicone molds that are completely food safe and never contain fiber glass or any other materials. Because the Pavoni molds are 100 percent platinum silicone material, they can offer more detailed and intricate designs while allowing the product to de-mold cleanly and maintain the non-stick performance. in2food gourmet will warehouse a wide variety of the professional products produced by Pavoni throughout its facilities in the US.

“I am excited to offer the Pavoni products as they are internationally known and a respected leader in the pastry industry and are a perfect complement to the existing portfolio of products. Adding the Pavoni products to the current in2food gourmet selection will offer customers silicone and praline molds in a large variety of designs that are high quality and affordable. The Pavoni addition shows our continued commitment to bringing quality and innovative European products to the US market,” said in2food gourmet Founder & CEO Michael Clever.

For more details about the Pavoni product line please visit the website, contact in2food at 800.362.5287 or Follow on Facebook:\in2foodinc

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