Corkcicle Expands Product Line with Chillsner

Corkcicle’s creators continue to emphasize design in its growing suite of unique solutions for enjoying spirited beverages while maximizing their benefits. Chillsner retains the signature icicle shape that has so defined the Corkcicle brand, but stands on its own with its aluminum structure, more fitting for the aesthetic of the beer crowd.

See the new line in booth 3646 at NY Now.

Stored in the freezer, Chillsner is as easy to use as the Corkcicle. Simply open a bottle of beer, drop Chillsner into the bottle to keep it chilled, and drink. Chillsner features an opening for easy drinking and is designed to fit over the opening of an average beer bottle. Beer stays icy cold from the first sip until the last! Chillsner comes in a package of two units.

In addition to Chillsner, Corkcicle catapulted its way onto the scene of the high-end wine gift market by adding the Corkcicle.ONE to its lineup. Made of stainless steel, Corkcicle.ONE goes beyond just chilling your wine perfectly, but also aerates the wine and allows you to pour from the bottle directly. With the ability to chill, aerate, and pour, along with the beautiful design of the Corkcicle.ONE, it is sure to be a favorite with wine lovers for years to come.

“Our mission is to make cool things, and to make things that cool. We’re super excited to introduce Corkcicle.ONE and Chillsner to our customers,” said Stephen Bruner, partner at Corkcicle. “Both products represent our brand in a way that is true to our mission. We make drinking experiences better. We also give our retailers a broader product line to offer their customers, widening the market to new buyers both on the higher end of the wine market with Corkcicle.ONE, and the beer market with Chillsner.”

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