AREAWARE: Unique Items for the Holidays and Every Day

By Noel Wiggins, President of AREAWARE

Purchasing a gift for those who “have everything” is daunting, especially around the holidays. At AREAWARE, we offer a curated range of products that will delight even the most finicky person. Through our work‘s internationally known and up-and-coming designers, we are able to offer a collection of cleverly designed items that are made to last. The name AREAWARE itself is meant to convey our passion and unique approach to functional interior (area) objects (ware).

For instance, Puzzlehead is one of the new items we are launching at NY Now. Designed by artist-cartoonist-filmmaker-musician Richard McGuire, Puzzlehead acts as both a brain teaser and constructional toy. Its fiberboard “head” pieces fit together into one neat square and is guaranteed to be a coffee table conversation starter.

The interesting and playful aesthetic of Puzzlehead pairs nicely with our other new launches. For example, the Prism Corkscrew from Brooklyn-based design team Fort Standard adds a special twist to an otherwise traditional item. Even though it is small enough to fit into a front pocket, this corkscrew is large enough to spark curiosity on any countertop. On first glance, it is simply an octagonal piece of wood. Its true purpose is kept hidden until the hardwood halves are pulled apart with a simple twist, revealing a hidden corkscrew. It’s a very cool way to open wine.

We are also expanding Harry Allen’s Reality Series. His ‘Bank in the Form of a Pig’ is an iconic item for us and a proven fan favorite, so we have created new colors this season. This witty take on the traditional piggy bank is being introduced in a bright matte shade of fluorescent pink and a limited edition of 300 in champagne-colored chrome. This “adult” bank, cast from a pig that died of natural causes, can hold up to $10,000 in one dollar bills and adds personality to any room. Harry Allen has also created the Box Turtle Box, which is available in matte white and gold chrome. This, too, has been cast from an animal that died of natural causes. Made of resin and marble, the turtle’s shell opens to reveal a hidden compartment for storing small treasures.

Areaware has developed a loyal fan base over its nine years in existence. Customers have come to rely on us for unusual, eclectic, functional objects filled with personality.

See it all at booths 7119 and 4002 at NY Now.

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