Vietri Offers Much to Delight at Las Vegas Market


By Lorrie Baumann

Vietri is in showroom C 0186 on the ground floor of Building C at the Las Vegas Market. The showroom is packed full of new ideas and great introductions.

The Toscana Collection is new for fall in honor of the company’s 30th anniversary. The collection draws its inspiration from a collection called Tuscany, which was retired several years ago. Toscana takes those ideas and gives them a brighter, more casual twist, so they’re a little more everyday.

picture102Renna is another new collection, this one inspired by images of reindeer, to make a holiday collection that extends the season beyond just Christmas. They coordinate beautifully with Vietri’s Wilderness wall plaques for a themed presentation that draws its inspiration from the Italian love of nature.

picture106Gold Ruffle Glass has added new pieces to the collection, including a new charger, salad bowl, and two new serving pieces. It pairs with Encanto, white ceramic dinnerware which is Vietri’s best-selling collection, and coordinates with Gold Fleck flatware for a complete look.

The Montelupo collection is a line of large decorative pieces made in Tuscany and named after the Montelupo region, which was a leading center for ceramic ware during the Renaissance. There’s a footbath, a footed vase, a pitcher, two large planters and a large set of candleholders, all with shapes inspired by Roman fruit baskets and torch holders. “That’s like a history lesson right there,” says Vietri’s National Sales Manager Holli Draughn. The Cortona collection of hand-painted wall plaques and cache pot features vibrant colors, and they’re actually food-safe, so you can use them as wall décor or take them down from the walls and use them for entertaining as well. Speckle was inspired by modern paint-splatter art. The collection features the gray tones that are still trending and works together with many of the other collections that Vietri is producing. “It’s been really well received,” Draughn comments. The collection includes a charger, platter, serving bowl, pitcher and cache pot.

DeiMedici is a dinnerware line in stoneware that’s chip-resistant and safe in microwave ovens, freezers, dishwasher, and ovens. The edging was inspired by the robes of the Madonna from Renaisssance paintings. “This group has been great because it reminds many collectors and retailers of Borgo Antico and Portobello, two retired collections that still have collectors. It has a similar feel, so it gives that same feeling that those collections had.”

Tuscany Script home décor was inspired by vintage postcards and even includes images of the stamp. There are three vases and a candle holder.

And of course, we can’t forget Old Saint Nick, the holiday collection that has become an icon for Vietri. Ten new pieces have been added for this year, as they have in each of the past five years. Each year there’s a limited-edition piece signed and dated by the artisan and numbered according to its position in the 3,000-item production run.

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