Talisman Designs Adjustable Pie Shield Now Better than Before

Talisman Designs has improved its popular Adjustable Pie Shield to be even bigger and more functional than it was before. The One-Piece Adjustable Pie Shield now adjusts to fit
8-11 ½ inch pie crusts, including rimmed dishes; such as Pyrex! This versatile Pie Shield now fits regular and rimmed dishes, making it a useful tool for all bakers.
This unique pie shield is the first of its kind. The user simply adjusts the size by slipping the lock into the notch that corresponds to the desired size.

“This is the first-ever one-piece pie shield that easily allows the user to adjust the shield to the size they want. Other pie shields claim they are adjustable by providing the user with five different pieces that the user has to balance on the crust – this is very awkward and they easily fall off. Our one-piece adjustable shield is easy to adjust, use, wash and store. It creates the perfect crust every time,” says Katherine Waymire, inventor and President of Talisman Designs.
For the largest size, place ends of the shield together. Or, slide lock into notch for a smaller size pie. Simply place the pie in the oven while keeping the shield on throughout the baking process, and you have the ideal pie crust. Perfect for both homemade and frozen pies, this pie shield is a necessity in every kitchen!

See the Talisman Designs Adjustable Pie Shield at NY Now in booth #3626.

Fast Facts: Adjustable Pie Shield
• SRP: $7.99
• Perfect for regular and rimmed pie dishes
• Dishwasher Safe
• 100% FDA silicone
• Heat resistant to 500º

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