Kitchenware News & Housewares Review at the Las Vegas Market


Charles Viancin wine bottle stoppers on C10

By Lorrie Baumann

Las Vegas Market is growing fast, and although the tenth floor of Building C on the three-building campus isn’t yet full, there’s still plenty of excitement among the first year tenants in the Gift & Home temporary showrooms there, and Anne McGilvray & Company’s gorgeous space still has that new-showroom smell.

Josh Behm and Angie Temple are talking about the biggest, newest items, wine bulb stoppers in the hibiscus, lily pad and sunflower patterns, in the Charles Viancin showroom that was almost the first thing to see after leaving the elevator on C10. The wine bulb stoppers can be used with wine, balsamic vinegar, olive oils – anything that comes in a bottle, Temple says. They’re air-tight and water-tight, and they don’t expand or contract at different temperatures the way a regular wine cork will. And they’re easier to plug back into a bottle than that cork too, Behm adds.

picture076Another new item that’s been very popular is Charles Viancin’s foldable cabbage colander/steamer. “It’s the colander you can cook with!” Behm says. Drop the colander into your pasta pot after you’ve added the water and just toss the pasta in on top. When the pasta’s ready, you just lift the colander/steamer back out of the pan with the pasta inside, letting the water drain back into the pot. “It’s very versatile, which makes it wonderful,” Behm says. “The best thing about it, I think, is that you don’t have to find storage space for a clunky colander. You can just fold this up and put it in a drawer.”

picture077Jessie Steele is in C10-103 with the gorgeous selection of aprons you’d expect, only now with a new lower price point. The most popular style, Body, a bib-style apron with ruffle on the bottom that looks good on everyone, is now only $12.95 SRP, and it comes in many different prints. The Chef style is now selling for $11.95 and also comes in a variety of prints. picture079But beyond just the familiar aprons, Jessie Steele is venturing into new territory with a line of sparkly iPhone cases, cosmetic bags that come in five prints and four styles, all lined so they’re wipe-clean inside and out. Also great for holiday gifting is a brand new line of scarves that come in five different prints.

In space C1090, the Anne McGilvray & Company is sparkling and CEO Liesl Ludwig is here showing off several lines of books, both for adults and children, cookbooks. There are housewares by DCI and Fred, and a world of toys and novelties, including about a gazillion ideas for the holidays. picture084DYNOMIGHTY has really taken off with its line of ultra-thin, ultra-strong paper wallets. “That was our first order written today,” Ludwig says. Anne McGilvray is offering show specials on DCI products this week, so wander up to the 10th floor to the new showroom and ask about them.

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