Miele Ventilation Goes Incognito

Photo provided by Miele

Miele offers one of the largest selections of ventilation hoods on the market today. The latest introduction, Incognito, is an icon of style, performance and sophistication. As its name suggests, the Incognito features three inner panels that discreetly conceal the grease filters, providing the optimal balance for a hood between air extraction and style.

Incognito Glass Panels discreetly conceal the grease filters.
(Photo provided by Miele.)

“Kitchens are a main source of pollutants in a home, producing grease, smoke, odors, gas, cooking by-products and moisture. Without proper ventilation, pollutants cling to walls, ceilings, carpeting, upholstery and drapes,” explained Kathrin Pfeifer, Product Manager for Miele. “With its unique multi-zone panels (available in both stainless steel and glass), the Incognito retains odors –  keeping your kitchen smelling clean and fresh.  All three panels can also be easily removed and are dishwasher-safe, ensuring the hood maintains its pristine appearance.”

Available in both Wall and Island models, the Incognito comes standard in a stainless steel finish or can be customized with more than 200 RAL color options to transform it into an impressive visual statement and centerpiece to any kitchen.

As with all Miele Ventilation Hoods, the Incognito is handcrafted and assembled with superior components while offering extremely powerful extraction rates to keep the kitchen clean and properly ventilated. With Miele hoods that last up to twenty years, homeowners can rest assure their kitchen is equipped with ventilation offering flawless design and long lasting quality.

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