T-fal Ultraglide Iron Fits into Your Merchandising Plan

ironThe T-fal Ultraglide Iron, which is T-fal’s newest summer 2013 launch, is the only iron with patented non-stick soleplate technology (for easy and wrinkle free ironing), an easy cord system, so it’s not in the way during ironing or storage.

The T-fal Ultraglide Iron can fit into merchandising plans with various themes:

·         Back to school: ironing is one of those chores that most of us would rather avoid, but nobody likes a wrinkly shirt.  Plus, with the price of on-campus (or even off campus) dry cleaning and laundry services on the rise; college-dorm linen care is essential. 

·         Hostess with the Mostess: Going to a bridal shower, wedding or a house warming party? This is the newest iron on the market sure to make any home-maker happy!

·         Revamping your linen closet: Revamping your laundry room or laundry closet? The T-Fal Ultraglide’s easy cord system rids the tangle ironing cord disaster in the closet

T-fal Ultraglide Iron:

  • ·        iron blueAvailable in Blue and Red
  • ·         Only $39.99 at www.-t-falusa.com
  • ·         Ceramic, scratch resistant and non-stick
  • ·         Vertical steaming capabilities with anti drip technology
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