Add a Touch of Color to Your Cupcakes

Cupcakes are fantastic for any season, celebration, or simply just because, and dressing up your cupcake or muffin provides the ultimate fun in the kitchen.

Colorful Tulip Cups Hi-ResNow in full color, award-winning Toronto-based parchment company, PaperChef, welcomes the arrival of their multi-colored Tulip and Lotus Culinary Parchment Baking Cups, enhanced with elegant petal tips for style. Created with culinary beauty in mind and containing a deeper than average baking cup, the Tulip and Lotus Cups provide an adventurous foreground for whipping up anything from delicate sweet treats to small savory bites.

The colorful cups add a dash of family-friendly fun, ideal for social gatherings and at home entertaining. “Festivity doesn’t have to start when the timer is up on the oven,” said Brad Ido, Vice President of Marketing at PaperChef. “If PaperChef can help bring the joy of creation to the kitchen, it will surely carry over into the dining room.”

Colorful Lotus Cups Hi-Res100-percent biodegradable, the colorful baking cups add personality to culinary creations and help them look their best. The cups’ inherent non-stick properties allow for easy peeling away while keeping shape, with little to no clean up. Each Tulip and Lotus multi-colored pack contains 12 cups in a variety of four colors that are sure to make a lasting impression that stands out from the rest. PaperChef products retail for $3.79 and can be found at super markets throughout the U.S. and Canada. Please visit for additional information.

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