Talisman Designs Introduces Get Real Beechwood Coffee Scoops & Clips

Talisman Designs has introduced a new line of Get Real™ beechwood utensils: Coffee Scoops & Clips. These beechwood scoops measure 1 tbs. of coffee, and are great for
measuring out the perfect drink. The Scoops dually serve as a clip to seal a coffee bag closed, and can also be used for tea and sugar!

These Coffee Scoops & Clips are incredibly versatile. The long beechwood handles are even able to reach the coffee at the bottom of the bag.
Similar to the other Get Real™ beechwood utensils, Talisman Designs’ Coffee Scoops & Clips are made from 100 percent beechwood. The wood comes from a responsibly managed forest in Europe, and the laser-etched art is permanent and will not fade or impact odor or color onto food.
The Coffee Scoops & Clips come in four exciting styles. Talisman Designs’ famous Woodland, Nature, Phrases, and introducing a new design: Geometric.

See them in booth #3626 at NY Now.



Fast Facts: Beechwood Coffee Scoop & Clip

• 4 Different Styles: Woodland, Nature, Phrases and Geometric
• SRP: $ 8.00
• Etched design will not fade
• Made from a responsibly managed forest
• Hand washing is recommend

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