Gifts That Celebrate the Sea

Do you have a friend, colleague or family member whom you hate shopping for because they seem to have everything?  Do they love the ocean?  A fisherman, diver, snorkeler, surfer, sailor or beach walker perhaps? If you want to give them something that resonates with them, is practical, artistic and affordable, then Radiant Arts Studios, a cutting edge company with a growing national reputation for combining function and art, has just brought out the perfect answer for you.

The company is featuring for the first time its “July in Christmas” image of an X-rayed lobster wearing a Santa Claus hat. This ghostly blue lobster with its jaunty solid red and white hat is available both as a cutting board and as a set of four coasters.

Radiant Art Studios was founded in 2011 by Dr. Paula Fontaine, a podiatric surgeon, and Joseph Moisan, a computer guru. Together they have developed these images of our world caught in light sources the naked eye cannot see.

The beautiful creations of Radiant Art Studios have caught the eye of art connoisseurs across the country. The numbered and signed limited edition prints are available to galleries and collectors, but better still, those same stunning images are available to the rest of us in many forms, from cutting boards, coasters and plates, to pillows, clocks and decorative tiles.

To order or to view the gallery of stunning X-ray images, visit

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