Microplane Introduces Seriously Sharp Slicer

Expanding its expertise in engineering seriously sharp and effective cutting tools for professional and home kitchens, Microplane® launches the Adjustable Slicer with Julienne Blade. Microplane’s compact, mandolin-style vegetable and fruit slicer is distinguished by its extraordinarily sharp blade, a signature feature of all Microplane kitchen gadgets.
Adjustable Slicer Lifestyle

Professional Quality

Created for both the professional chef and home cook, the paddle-shaped Adjustable Slicer with Julienne Blade delivers superior cutting results for a wide array of fruits and vegetables at three adjustable levels of thickness: thin (1/32-inch), medium (1/16-inch) and thick (1/8-inch).

Ideal for preparing gratins, appetizing vegetable platters, cocktails and other dishes and beverages that require super-thin and consistently even slices, the slicer’s flat and razor-sharp blade quickly and precisely slices potatoes, turnips, zucchini, cucumbers, peppers, oranges, limes and more.

Safety and Convenience

Microplane’s new Adjustable Slicer with Julienne Blade features a sturdy steel frame for superior durability and long-lasting use, and a large capacity hand guard attachment to enhance ease and safety. For added convenience, and as a greater measure of safety, the innovatively designed hand guard attachment includes a keyhole for slicing skinnier vegetables, such as carrots and radishes.

High-performance Julienne Blade Included

For chefs and cooks who wish to create “julienne” vegetables, which transforms vegetables and fruits, such as carrots, zucchini, potatoes, apples and pears into precise “matchstick” slices, the Adjustable Slicer with Julienne Blade includes a high-performance, made in the U.S.A., etched julienne blade attachment. For safety and convenience, the julienne blade can be stored in an enclosed section located on the back of the Slicer.

Pricing and Availability

Highly versatile, practical, easy to store and simple to use, Microplane’s new Adjustable Slicer with Julienne Blade (model 34040) is styled in gunmetal grey with black accents. Priced at $29.95 suggested retail, the Adjustable Slicer with Julienne will be available at retail nationwide in August.

For information on the Adjustable Slicer with Julienne Blade and other kitchen tools from Microplane, consumers are welcomed to visit the company’s Web site: http://www.microplane.com, or call toll-free 1-800-555-2767.

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