Cuisipro Graters Use Patented Technology

Browne & Co. has been awarded a United States patent for Surface Glide Technology™ for graters and rasps. Exclusive to its Cuisipro brand, Surface Glide Technology creates a grooved grating surface designed to provide the perfect balance between ease of use and maximum efficiency.

Surface Glide Technology

Cuisipro grater technologyThe science behind this new technology is based on the repeated grooved pattern that is spread evenly across the face of the grating surface. First, the grooves reduce resistance, making grating effortless. Secondly the grooves elongate the length of each individual blade, so it has a larger cutting surface that comes in contact with food, therefore grating more with less effort. Combined, these features create a perfect surface for outstanding, uninterrupted grating performance where food virtually glides through blades.
“Cuisipro graters are truly a step above the competition,” said Peter Braley, COO of Browne & Co. Retail Division. “Securing the patent on Surface Glide Technology was simply the final step to ensuring our graters remain the best in the industry.”

Cuisipro’s Grater Collection

Cuisipro has integrated Surface Glide Technology across its entire collection of graters, including a variety of flat, rotary and box graters, rasps and even a pocket-sized grater. Cuisipro products are available in fine kitchenware stores worldwide. For additional information, please visit

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