Blu Tigres Coffee and D&H Distributing Launch Suncana Single-Serve Brewer and Artisan-Roasted Gourmet Coffee

Blu Tigres Coffee Company, today announced a partnership with D&H Distributing. Blu Tigres couples the new patented Suncana single serve brewer combined with coffees from award-winning coffee roasters to offer consumers the best gourmet coffee that can be brewed in their own homes. Blu Tigres will add to D&H’s current catalog of high-quality, name-brand consumer products, making Blu Tigres products accessible to D&H’s entire network of resellers and retailers.

The $30 billion coffee market continues to grow as consumers increasingly discover better-tasting gourmet brands and new brewing methods.  Within this large market, the single-serve segment is the fastest-growing.  In 2012, ownership of at-home single-cup brewers grew 13 percent, with the overall single-cup market estimated at $11.8 billion, according to market research firm Mintel.  At only 10 percent of the total brewer market, and with sales estimated to grow significantly over the next several years, this segment is poised for rapid growth.

“With our new patented single-serve brewer, we use pressure and temperature to obtain the fullest extraction out of coffee pods.  The combination of our brewer and  our pods will produce the highest quality coffee, fresh from artisan roasters and, once brewed, 100 percent biodegradable,” said Merle Eakins, a Partner at Blu Tigres Coffee. “Now, you can drink great coffee and feel good about it too!”

“Blu Tigres has identified a unique niche in the home coffee market, creating a specialized offering that we’re happy to present to our customer community,” said Rob Eby, Vice President of Purchasing at D&H Distributing.  “The single-serve home brewer market is the fastest growing segment of the entire coffee business. The Blu Tigres, Suncana  brewer, coupled with the highest quality coffee from award winning coffee roasters, gives consumers the best coffee now available for at-home brewing.”

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