New Brands on the Shelf at the Fancy Food Show

By Lorrie Baumann

The Summer Fancy Food Show offers an annual opportunity for new and newish specialty food producers to gain exposure for their products both to the New York market and to specialty food retailers from across the country who flock to the show to see what’s new and exciting and who’s won this year’s sofi awards. See sister publication Gourmet News (at and at for all the coverage of this year’s show, but here’s a sampling from among the newest of the new.

Sofine Food brought Dress it Up Dressing to make its debut at the Summer Fancy Food Show. Dress it Up Dressing came from a family recipe from Suzi Maroon, mother of Sophia Maroon, CEO of Sofine Food, which has been in business in Bethesda, Md. since May 2012. “My mother’s been serving them since I was a child, and I’ve been making them for 15 years,” Sophia says. “My brother was always saying that they’re good enough to sell, so I’m putting them to the test.” There are four varieties: red wine, apple cider, champagne and chocolate. If chocolate salad dressing sounds weird, Sophia proved that it isn’t with a sampling of the dressing on a kale and mango salad. After the show find Sofine Foods at

Floyd Eats, LLC brought Beer Cheese, an all-natural cheddar cheese spread made with beer and spices. Varieties include Smokey Bacon, Original, and Spicy Jalapeno. The company’s been in business in Brooklyn, N.Y. for a year. After the show, find Floyd Eats at

Charleston Gourmet Burger Company came to the show with Burger Marinade, a marinade that goes in ground meat before grilling to increase flavor. “We are the only one. If you Google it, you will not find it,” says Monique Wilsondebriano, President and co-Founder. ”We love burgers.” The marinade is gluten-free, low sodium, and low calorie, low sugar, with no high fructose corn syrup. The company is being featured on an upcoming Food Network show called “Food Court Wars,” in which two couples battle for a rent-free restaurant space in a shopping mall food court. For now, find Charleston Gourmet Burger Company at farmers markets in the Charleston, S.C. area, but if the Fancy Food Show works the magic that the company hopes, you’ll be able to find the program nationally soon. The marinade can also be ordered from the company’s website at

Flavors of Lonato del Garda has a range of products imported from Italy, including balsamic vinegars, balsamic pearls, olive oil and liquid salt. Liquid salt is a water solution of salt that’s useful for giving foods a salty taste without using as much as you would with the crystals. The product comes in black and pink varieties as well as white salt. Find Flavors of Lonato del Garda at

Year-old Brooklyn Piggies is a favorite of Oprah Winfrey. “We had the idea to take a very humble product and elevate it to a gourmet level,” says Missy Koo, Owner of Brooklyn Piggies. “We work closely with a European sausage-maker, and he’s created some proprietary recipes for us. We offer Original, Spicy and a chicken version.” A vegetarian variety will launch soon. Along with the piggies, the company has created a line of condiments designed to pair perfectly with the flavor profiles of the piggies. Find Brooklyn Piggies at

Greek Artisanal Imports offers Euphoria Greek extra-virgin olive oil. The mother-daughter team of Eleni and Lori Konstantopoulos has been producing Koroneiki olives from family groves in Siamou, Greece since the 17th century. Find Greek Artisanal Imports at

Delightful Palate is offering a line of condiments: Wild Mayhaw Berry, a Stone Fruit Nectar with peach and apricot undertones, and Balsamic Garlic Honey. “It’s a versatile condiment; we toss, we drizzle, and we infuse,” says Lili Courtney, the products’ creator. The Wild Mayhaw Berry makes a great glaze for salmon, or you can roast vegetables with it or glaze beets.  Find Delightful Palate at

Diana and Daughters are based in Cedarburg, Wisc., where they make Augusta’s Antipasto from an old Italian recipe. Vegetables are sourced locally from farmers down the road from the Diana and Daughters kitchen and processed immediately. Make Stromboli with meats and the antipasto or make a bruschetta with the sauce on pita chips or serve it with Italian beef. There’s no sugar, and the antipasto is made with heart-healthy oils. “It pairs really well with red wine,” says Rebecka Powell, one of Diana’s daughters. Find the company at

Acala Farms offers flavor-infused cooking oils made from cottonseed oil. The cottonseed is flavor-neutral, so the pure taste of the infused ingredients comes through. It also has a very high smoke point, so you can fry with it without burning, and it’s light enough to be used as a component in dressings, marinades and sauces, according to Sarah Botham, company President and Owner.  Her company is first to the worldwide market with flavor-infused cottonseed oil. “On top of all those other things, it’s also zero trans-fat, zero cholesterol, and it’s the heart-healthiest oil on the market,” Botham says. “By that I mean that it comes closest to the American Heart Association’s recommendation of 1/3 polyunsaturate, 1/3 monosaturate, and 1/3 saturate of any other oil.” Find Alcala Farms at

Halo Top Creamery brings to market the first-ever low-calorie premium ice cream. “We pride ourselves in blending the healthy with the artisanal,” said Doug Bouton, company COO. There are four flavors: vanilla bean, which is the best seller; chocolate; strawberry and lemon cake, a cult favorite. The company spent more than 18 months developing the proprietary recipe, and the ice cream is now being sold in more than 350 stores in 17 states. Find Halo Top Creamery online at

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