iCoffee Introduces Steamy Concept for Brewing Coffee

iCoffeeBrewer-high-resiCoffee® by Remington® promises to shake up
the industry by delivering the perfect cup of coffee, while letting coffee lovers watch the amazing process unfold with each brew.
The iCoffee SteamBrew™ technology steams, tumbles, and stirs a customer’s favorite coffee to provide a superior release of exquisite coffee taste-profiles with none of the bitterness and acidity produced by conventional single-serve and drip-brewing methods.
Through iCoffee’s BrewView™ window, watch as a delightfully rich coffee crema is forming. Six patented rotational jets extract only the best from your favorite coffee, resulting in
unprecedented, full-bodied flavor in every cup.

As all coffee lovers know, there is nothing more satisfying than a perfectly smooth cup of coffee. The secret to achieving the perfect cup is that the iCoffee jets rotate, tumble, and suspend the brewing coffee in the right combination of steam and piping hot water. This completely coaxes out all of the flavorful essences from the spinning coffee.

Currently, conventional drip-brewer sprinkler heads channel hot water unevenly through only a portion of the grounds. This causes the over-exposed grounds to become over-extracted, resulting in bitter and acidic aftertastes. Single-serve brewers pump hot water at excessive speeds through ground coffee, resulting in extraction of unwanted coffee flavors. Single serve forfeits perfect coffee extraction for speed.

Conventional drip brewers waste a lot of coffee because only a portion of the grounds are actually subject to being brewed properly. The crater formed in the drip brew basket’s spent grounds is evidence that a portion of the hot water did not completely and adequately contact all of the coffee grounds.
The iCoffee SteamBrew technology ensures that all the coffee is exposed to proper brewing conditions, allowing consumers to save up to 15 percent on their coffee usage, without having to lose strength or flavor.

To learn more about the iCoffee, and to sign up for notification of the official release, please visit icoffee.com.

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