Talisman Designs to Launch Egg Separator at NY Now

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is where no egg has ever gone before. Separate egg yolks from egg whites in seconds with Talisman Designs’ new invention, Yolk Hero! With a simple squeeze, the egg yolk is sucked right up, staying perfectly whole. No mess, no more waste! YH_pkgFaster and easier than a traditional egg separator, this invention is a tool for everyone.
Since 2002, Talisman Designs has been inventing kitchen gadgets that make life easier and fun. Yolk Hero makes eggs, nature’s perfect food, even more accessible. Separating egg whites and yolks is now a clean, fast and fun task!
yolk_hero_FINALWhether it’s for separating eggs to cut down cholesterol, or to make that wonderful crème brulee, the Yolk Hero has many uses. Egg whites can be used for meringues, macaroons, soufflés and quiches; while egg yolks can be used for vanilla pudding, hollandaise sauce, fettuccini alfredo and that perfect yellow cake. The possibilities are truly endless. Never worry about mixing egg whites and yolks again with Yolk Hero!

See Yolk Hero along with other Talisman Designs products at booth #3626 at NY Now.

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