Epicurean’s Quirky New Cutting Board Shapes

Any cook who has had expensive cutlery dulled or dinged
by inferior boards will appreciate Epicurean’s blade-saving
surfaces. Epicurean’s cutting surfaces are heat-resistant up to 350˚F/176˚C, compliant with the National Sanitary Foundation Standards, dishwasher safe, and are made of sustainable materials.

Now, Epicurean is offering a selection of new product shapes that function as cutting boards, but more importantly, as conversation pieces– and this keeps them a cut above the rest.

State Boards:

Epicurean - state_boards_texas

Whether showing home-team support at game-day get-togethers and tailgating parties or celebrating the home-grown bounty of the local farmer’s market, these generously sized serving boards demonstrate a pride of place. Each features a hole in the “northwest” corner, making it easy to hang the board.

Animal Shapes:

Epicurean - animal_shapes_pig
Adding character to casual meals, these silhouetted serving boards can enhance a decorating theme while providing ample room for snacks.


  Epicurean - wild_gourmet_bear
There’s no permit required to capture these beauties. At the lake house or mountain cabin, these wildlife designs bring a sporting theme to entertaining. Fittingly, they are crafted of a wood fiber material that’s certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.


Epicurean - stratum trough

A cutting board with cutting-edge design, Stratum is equally at home in the kitchen or on the buffet. A new sandwich construction, with the durable Slate surface wrapping a lightweight bamboo core, makes the 24″x 18″ board easy to handle. An integrated bamboo trough neatly contains condiments or serving utensils.

For more information and retail locations, visit Epicurean’s website: http://www.epicureancs.com/cutting-boards.php.

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