Greenpan Gives Three Reasons to Love Cooking

Get ready to fall in love! GreenPan™, known for its breakthrough healthy ceramic non-stick cookware, introduces a new collection of pans that is so smart, it does the thinking for you. I LOVE Eggs and Pancakes!, I LOVE Fish and Veggies! and I LOVE Meat and Poultry! is the first collection of its kind to offer different 3D healthy ceramic non-stick surfaces for each of these respective food categories…and they’re all clearly labeled on each handle.

“Each 3D surface is specifically designed for optimal healthy, non-stick cooking performance,” says Dieter Naessens, Vice President of The Cookware Company. “We’ve simplified the cooking process for the home chef with a series of innovative features: a healthy non-stick ceramic surface for easy clean-up, a 3D textured surface for each type of food and an easy-to-read label on each handle that tells you what type of food is ideal to cook in each pan.”

I LOVE Eggs and Pancakes!
I LOVE Eggs! Frypan 20cmProtein rich foods, such as eggs, are released best when cooked on a smooth surface. Use this frypan on low and medium heat settings for the flatter foods on the menu… eggs, pancakes, omelets. The long lasting non-stick surface will ensure you have a beautiful breakfast, anytime of the day. Available in 8” and 9.5” frypans and 11” open pancake pan.

I LOVE Fish and Veggies!
I LOVE Fish! Open Skillet 24cmFish and veggies have a home in this dimpled frypan, where the surface allows for oils and fats to remain in the small craters, resulting in even frying and an extraordinary release function. Use this frypan on medium to high heat for everything from seafood feasts to stir fry creations. The superb non-stick properties assist in excellent heat transfer and high scratch resistance. Available in 10” open frypan, 9.5” and 11” open skillets, 11” wok, and 13”x9” oval fish pan.

I LOVE Meat and Poultry!
I LOVE Meat! Open Frypan 24cmThis uniquely ribbed pan is designed to use on high heat for searing and browning all varieties of meat and poultry. The raised surface creates an optimal oil distribution center for even frying results and excellent heat transfer. Available in 9.5” open fryppan, 11” covered frypan and 11” square grill pan.

About Thermolon™
Thermolon is the patented non-stick coating that is used on all of the Cookware Company’s non-stick products. It is based on sol-gel technology; this is a technology in which materials are formed from small particles suspended in solution that gel together to form a matrix.

Thermolon non-stick ceramic coating is manufactured without PFOA and contains no lead or cadmium. The Thermolon coating is healthy, safe and does not contain any toxic chemicals or persistent pollutants.

GreenPan has a safety feature – Thermolon coating is heat resistant up to high temperatures. Meaning if you accidentally overheat your pan, even up to 450°C/850°F, no toxic fumes will be released and the coating itself will not blister or peel.

Additionally, Thermolon is a better heat conductor than traditional coatings, resulting in superb searing and crispy frying.

“I LOVE” pans will retail between $40-65, each sold separately. For additional information or to place a wholesale order, please call 914-372-7777 or visit

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