Give Wine with Extra Panache

Winner of the 2013 International Home & Housewares Show Innovative awards, Bella Vita’s Bottle Net Bags offers a new attractive and durable way to display your specialty items. These multi-functional felt Bottle Nets serve as a coaster or trivet to decorate and protect your table, then quickly convert into an elegant tote through an intricate cut pattern. Use them to easily carry a bottle of wine, olive oil, your favorite spirits or a wide variety of other items!

Bottle Nets 1Bella Vita, your premiere location for luxury gourmet wine and gift giving, has combined the classic, go-anywhere feel of a traditional wine bag and updated it with a multifunctional design. Available on Amazon for $4.95, Bella Vita’s Bottle Net bags are among the finest available and serve as a perfect gift for a wine connoisseur, or a sophisticated transport for your favorite specialty bottles. Each offer a stylish solution to bringing-your-own wine to parties or in route, and keep bottles from clinking together!

Bottle Nets 2Each functional bag can be reused time and time again while still retaining its beauty and are available in gold, pink, red, yellow, apple, black, burgundy and olive colors! An amazing on the go item, that’s a perfect grab and go, that doubles as a multifunctional home item, and hostess gift.

Bella Vita is a Phoenix, Ariz.-based company that specializes in providing unique gift packaging and products for the wine and gourmet food industry. Packaging includes wine gift bags and boxes made of handmade paper, printed papers, jute, wood, leather and more. Their gourmet gift bags are alternatives to the traditional gift basket. These two and three bottle bags accommodate olive oils, vinegars, sauces, salsas, jams, coffees and a multitude of other gourmet foods.

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