T-fal Brings Line-up of Small Electrics to Market

The T-fal OptiGrill is the new, one-of-a-kind way to grill indoors. The innovative OptiGrill features a cooking sensor that guarantees a perfectly cooked meal every time. The built-in sensor automatically adapts to the thickness of your food and delivers perfect doneness from rare to well-done for six different programs: burgers, poultry, sandwiches, sausage, red meat and fish. The manual cooking function is perfect for vegetables or personal recipes and the defrost setting evenly thaws all types of frozen dishes. The OptiGrill will get a perfectly cooked meal with every use so you’ll never have to slave over the grill – and guess when your food is cooked – again.


The OptiGrill features angled plates that allow fat to drip off easily into the dishwasher safe drip tray. The brushed stainless steel exterior is sleek and compact for easy storage and the removable cooking plates are dishwasher safe for fast and easy clean up. Available September 2013 for $179.99 at retailers nationwide

image002T-fal is bringing a dash of fun back into the kitchen with the T-fal Popcorn Maker. This machine features a compact design for easy storage, angled chute for user-friendly pouring and a dome-shaped lid for easy viewing. This popcorn machine pops without oil or butter for healthier snacking. Available September 2013 for $24.99 at retailers nationwide

image003Homemade ice cream has never been so easy. With the T-fal Ice Cream maker, at-home chefs can whip up ice cream, gelato and frozen yogurt in just 30 minutes from their very own kitchen. The machine features easy-to-clean removable parts. Available Summer 2013 for $39.99 at t-falusa.com


image004T-fal Compact Deep Fryer is a user-friendly, at-home deep frying system that features adjustable temperature settings and holds up to 1.8 Liters of oil in a compact design for easy storage. The deep fryer holds up to 2.2 pounds of food in a fixed bowl with permanent anti-grease metal filter for extended use. With a viewing window and cool wall exterior, the deep fryer provides extra safety while deep frying. Available Summer 2013 for $39.99 at t-falusa.com


The T-fal Balanced Living Pressure Cooker takes the guesswork out of pressure cooking for home cooks. It is a safe, easy and quick way to cook a large variety of one-dish meals including soups/stews, grains, poultry, meats, vegetables and desserts.


This pressure cooker features three cooking modes (brown, simmer and sauté) and two different pressure levels—giving users a variety of choices in an easy-to-use appliance. Additionally, the sealed locking lid provides an added level of safety. The pressure cooker also features a digital timer that starts automatically when ideal pressure is reached and an automatic keep warm setting at the end of cooking. With a non-stick removable pot, cool touch stainless steel finish and dishwasher safe parts, the Balanced Living Pressure Cooker is easy to use, clean and store. Available October 2013 for $99.99 at t-falusa.com


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