Dazzlepro Announces Availability of the Advanced GT Sonic Toothbrush

Dazzlepro announced immediate availability of the Advanced GT Sonic Toothbrush, enabling dental practices, distributors, vendors, retailors, and e-commerce merchants to begin placing orders.
“The Dazzlepro Advanced GT Sonic model is the new flagship for our brand,” said Alex Dastmalchi, CEO at Dazzlepro. “It provides a truly advanced brushing experience with features and design elements that are exceptional.”
dazzlepro toothbrushThe company spent significant time in development and testing for this GT Sonic Model to ensure it provides all of the high-performance features that dental professionals and discriminating consumers look for including 40,000 sonic brushstrokes per minute, three distinct brushing modes, and a UV sanitizing charger base. The unit combines these highly demanded features in one high-quality unit that not only looks great on the bathroom counter; it exceeds expectations for performance.
“I was the first of our team to test this model,” said Mike Ponzillo, COO. “I have used it daily for the last six months; my teeth are whiter, my gums are healthier, and my dentist told me to keep up the good work. We are very proud to introduce it to the market so that consumers can experience these same great results for themselves.”
The Advanced GT Sonic Toothbrush accentuates Dazzlepro’s commitment to deliver the highest quality oral care products. The unit is available for immediate shipment at Dazzlepro.com.

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