Lenox Marketplace Location to give Fixtures Living a Presence in Georgia

Fixtures Living, a retail concept specializing in premium lifestyle products for the home, will make its Georgia debut in the summer of 2014, at EDENS’ popular Lenox Marketplace in Atlanta. The opening will mark the store’s seventh location overall, and the fourth to be situated in a premium retail environment.
“We look forward to becoming a part of the Atlanta community, and are proud to be the newest member in EDENS’ impressive portfolio,” said Jeffery R. Sears, CEO of Fixtures Living. “The Lenox Marketplace offers a highly diverse and engaging array of popular brands,” Sears continued, “and we are honored to be a part of that shopping experience.”
Based upon the store’s award-winning Costa Mesa showroom, the 27,000 square-foot Atlanta store will offer a signature “try before you buy” experience now synonymous with the Fixtures Living brand. Shoppers will be encouraged to test-drive products in fully-functional vignettes equipped with live cooktops, ovens, refrigerators and grills, as well as working showers, sinks and baths.
“These stores enable visitors to shop in an entirely different way by dreaming of, playing with, and selecting products that will lead to better living,” Sears explained. “The products we carry are integral to creating cherished memories, and we believe that the process of selecting them should be just as memorable.”
Like all other Fixtures Living showrooms, the Lenox Marketplace location will be staffed with lifestyle advisors, personal wellness directors, and a full-time culinary team. Other unique store features include full-immersion expos, such as a spa-inspired “Sanctuary,” a backyard-style “Patio” replete with working grills, and a live demo kitchen known as “Bridget’s” — all in service of the “The Why.”

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