VitaClay Multicooker: One Appliance for a Range of Cooking Needs

The VitaClay Multicooker is a fusion of the time-honored clay pot method of cooking and a modern electronic dual slow cooker and rice cooker, offering a new and better way to accomplish both tasks. The VitaClay utilizes a mineral-rich liner made from all-natural, hand-selected Zisha clay that retains and enhances the fresh, natural flavor of food and preserves its natural juices and nutrients.

Unlike non-stick aluminum or ceramic cookware, the clay liner is pure and free of metals and chemicals like lead or Teflon. The liner is removable and completely dishwasher and microwave safe.

VitaClay Low Res 1Set it up in the morning and leave it to cook dinner while you’re at work. Its unique microcomputer and precision built-in thermostat enable it to self-adjust the heat up or down based on the ingredients in the pot, the volume, and the set time. The VitaClay Multicooker can be set to cook over a longer or shorter period of time than other cookers, ranging from 30 minute boil to 20 hour slow-cook. Retails for $139.99, it can be purchased online at, via phone at (877) 877 – 9121 or at retailers throughout the U.S.

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