Chanell Surratt Seeking Retailers for a Line of Luxury Aprons

 Chanell Surratt  is seeking wholesale opportunities for a new line of luxury aprons. Minimum order is 10 aprons in any design combination with wholesale prices ranging from $93 to $159 per apron. MSRP for the aprons range between $155 and $265.

Chanell Surratt aprons 2All Chanell Surratt aprons are created from the most sumptuous fabrics and coupled with classic, timeless and flattering cuts in an array of colors and prints. Made entirely in the USA, the new luxury apron line was created for the woman who feels fashion is an inherent part of who she is every day – and a desire to bring a luxurious design to the functional use of a garment that every kitchen and woman needs. Chanell Surratt aprons are perfect for wedding gifts, holiday gifts, housewarming presents, birthday gifts or any other gift giving occasion. Wholesale orders can be placed by emailing

Channell aprons 1“As a luxury lifestyle brand, our new line of couture aprons was inspired by real women,” said Creative Director and Founder Chanell Surratt.  “Each apron is inspired by a woman of impeccable style and sophistication.  The Jenna apron, with its wild mix of colors and exotic print, is inspired by J. Crew’s Executive Creative Director and President Jenna Lyons. Ms. Lyons masterfully mixes pattern and texture.  Chanell including JackieJacqueline Kennedy-Onassis is the inspiration for our Jackie O apron – classic gingham. Our Mrs. O apron, inspired by our First Lady, is elegant yet modern – created using three solid, bold colors with a black linen wrap-around belt. It is meant to reflect how Mrs. Obama wears her clothes – classic cuts in eye-catching colors.”

Chanell Surratt aprons come in 24 different designs, both prints and solids. Each features a high waist band for a figure-flattering fit for any shape woman. Visit for more information or follow Chanell Surratt on Twitter at @ChanellSurratt.

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