New Lilypad Products from Charles Viancin

The retailers who’ve been raving about the Charles Viancin silicone lids to me lately will be excited to learn that the company is introducing some new products in the Ambiance collection this summer. The first to catch our eye was this tea infuser set, with the lilypad top that’s been drawing raves from the folks who love the silicone lids.

Charles Viancin lilpad_infuser_set_ambiance_06


Lily Pad Tea Infuser

Brew yourself a cup of tea and keep it hot while it steeps, all with one simple device. Inspired by lily pads, this tea infuser allows you to pour the tea leaves you wish to use into the perforated tea bulb. The lily pad lid keeps tea hot as it steeps. The Lily Pad Tea Infuser retails for $14.99 for infuser, mug and coaster. And how adorable is that!


If you haven’t seen the silicone lids yet, here’s the scoop on that too: 

lilypad_ambiance_16Reusable, Silicone Lids: Put a Lid on It

These reusable silicone lids replace aluminum foil and plastic wrap.  They can be used on a rimmed bowl or pot, including glass, ceramic, wood and more. The lids create an airtight, water-tight seal around any rounded surface, keeping food at its freshest and avoiding en route spillages.  They are also microwave safe.  The lids are available in designs perfect for spring and summer – sunflower, lily pad and hibiscus.  There is even a pumpkin lid for fall! They come in three different sizes and range from $7.99-$15.99 in price.

And here’s the hibiscus:hibiscus_ambiance_21


But wait, there’s more!  Another new product, which Charles Viancin will be showing at NY Now along with the tea infuser:

Cabbage Colander and Steamer

Charles Viancin cabbage_collander_ambiance_18Cooking pasta and steaming veggies just got a whole lot cooler with the new, flexible cabbage-designed colander and steamer.  The temperature resistant silicone is ideal for use in everything from the microwave to the refrigerator, and can be wrapped compactly to reduce cabinet clutter.  It can also be rolled up for easy storage. The colander retails for $19.99.

Find Charles Viancin in booth 3775 at NY Now. And here’s a tip from one of the retailers who mentioned these products to me recently: Buy enough at one time to keep them in stock for 10 days or more because they just fly out of the store. Patti Surguine of Granada Gourmet in Ormond Beach, Fla., says she has customers who buy two and three of the lids at a time, and even a big order of them is generally gone almost as soon as it arrives in the store.

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