tempour Chills, Filters, Aerates Wine

Consumers don’t have to be wine snobs to appreciate a tool that make wine tastier and easier to pour. The newly launched tempour from SoiréeHome is perfect for wine enthusiasts and foodies alike. ‘

Soireehome - Tempour in bottletempour is an innovative bottle pourer, chiller, filter and aerator that easily fits any bottle.  tempour features a three-in-one stopper, a  drip-free pourer, glass protector, omni-gasket, built-in sediment filter, and an aeration vent.  Not only does it do all the work in one easy pour, but it also has a detachable gel-filled freezable chiller made of 100 percent stainless steel so it’s built to last and guarantees purity of taste.

Soireehome - Tempour - vert - piecesJust put it in the freezer and remove when ready to use. It keeps your bottles chilled without the need of messy and cumbersome ice buckets. If consumers are serving red wine, simply remove the frozen chiller or skip chilling altogether! This versatile gadget is a must have for any kitchen or bar and won’t break the bank (MSRP $40). Even if consumers aren’t big on wine, the tempour will also work for other spirits as well!

If consumers are looking to serve a perfect bottle anytime, every time, tempour is perfect for any occasion!

About soirée home

A leader in the wine accessories market and from the creator of the internationally known wine decanter Soirée, soiréehome is an expanded collection of innovative housewares designed to heighten culinary experiences.  Dedicated to consistently producing unique products with an appreciation for gastro-technology, soiréehome is re-imagining standard housewares and innovating tradition.   

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