Tommee Tippee Unveils Perfect Prep Baby Bottle Preparation Machine

Tommee Tippee, the fastest growing baby bottle brand in America, today introduced the new Closer To Nature® perfect prep machine, a revolutionary product that will change the way bottles are prepared. The perfect prep™ machine provides the correct amount of filtered water at the ideal temperature (98 degrees Fahrenheit) in order for moms to prepare individual bottles, within two minutes. This must-have item for new parents creates a freshly prepared, ready-to-serve bottle that is just the way baby likes it every time.

“New parents have a lot to think about with their new baby, and making a bottle shouldn’t be one of them,” said Vincent D’Alleva, General Manager of Mayborn USA. “Our goal at Mayborn is to make parents’ lives easier, which is why we developed the perfect prep machine. This intuitive product takes all the guess work out of making a perfect bottle every time. Bottle preparation has never been quicker, easier, or more accurate.”

How to use perfect prep

For modern, tech-savvy parents, the revolutionary perfect prep machine is the easiest way to make a bottle in three simple steps.

  • Place a sterilized bottle on the unit, a hot shot of water is released into the bottle at a high temperature, which eliminates any bacteria in the formula and bottle.
  • Mom or Dad then adds the correct amount of formula, covers the bottle and swirls the formula and hot shot for a rapid dissolve process.
  • The bottle is then replaced under the appliance, and the remainder of the water is delivered and calibrated to provide a bottle with a temperature of 98 degrees F, the perfect temperature for a baby to feed.

The perfect temperature also allows for baby to easily switch between breast and bottle, so perfect prep is perfect for working mothers, dads, or other caregivers.

Tommee Tippee perfect prep machine is available at exclusively Babies “R” Us stores and online at

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