Oceanstar Design Group Launches Stackable Bamboo Wine Rack

Oceanstar Design Group Inc. is expanding its eco-friendly housewares and storage collection with the launching of its 2-Tier Stackable Bamboo Wine Rack. Made with 100 percent bamboo, the wine rack is not only strong and durable, but versatile as well.

It is designed to be stacked, creating the two-tier look, placed side by side or separately in different areas. Each tier comes with two wave-like bars and two bars that hold the wine bottles in place. The narrower wave bar holds the top lid portion of the bottle while the wider wave bar holds the bottom portion of the bottle. It is fun and easy to assemble with no tools or hardware necessary as the wave bars and blocks will interlock.

wine rackThe Oceanstar stackable bamboo wine rack combines green materials, functionality, versatility, and the contemporary style to enhance the home environment for consumers.

The 2-Tier Stackable Bamboo Wine Rack comes in natural finish color and standard retail carton packaging. Suggested retail price for the product is $79.99

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