Epicureanist Accessories Pour with Style

Epicureanist, the one-stop-online-shop for every wine, food and entertaining accessory imaginable, today announced that it has added three products to its repertoire that make wine easy to pour, aerate, decant and even measure. Starting at $6.95, Epicureanist’s newest products add a new level of amusement to pouring wine!

“Each of Epicureanist’s new pouring products caters to those that enjoy wine and who appreciate clever and purposeful ways of serving it,” states Epicureanist Vice President, India Hynes. “Epicureanist is proud to offer new, deviceful pour accessories that put a new spin on pouring wine.”

  • Epic Glass Aerating Pourer

    Epic Glass Aerating Pourer

    The Epicureanist Glass Aerating Pourer is designed to decant and aerate just the right amount of wine for specific entertaining needs. The deviceful pourer fits securely into the top of any wine bottle, so the stunning glass accessory also protects against drips while pouring, decanting, and aerating; $26.95 www.epicureanist.com.


  • Epicurianist Classic Wine Funnel

    Epicurianist Classic Wine Funnel

    The Epicureanist Classic Wine Funnel with Filter is elegantly constructed of stainless steel and directs wine flow to the inner wall of a decanter for a smooth pour, while the filter prevents any stray pieces of cork and sediment from entering the decanter; $36.95 www.epicureanist.com (4.75″W x 3″D x 5.75″H).

  • Epicureanist Measured Pour Spout

    Epicureanist Measured Pour Spout

    The Epicureanist Measured Pour Spout takes the guess work out of pouring a tasting or an exact – 5 ounce – glass of wine. The in-bottle spout features a ball-bearing design to ensure an exact, 1 ounce pour, every time. The spout is perfect for wine tastings, exact glass pours, and even for use with liquor; $6.95 www.epicureanist.com.

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