VT Industries Launches VT Dimensions Countertops

VT Industries announces the launch of VT Dimensions, a countertop collection that offers the premium look of granite with little maintenance necessary. This collection brings everything together into one seamless, contoured countertop. Offering more selection by providing more proprietary edge profiles, surface options and in-stock colors, VT Dimensions is the solution to exceptional design at an affordable price.

VT INDUSTRIES COUNTERTOPSVT Dimensions brings everything together seamlessly, from the slab-like core, to the natural-granite beauty, to the premium edge profile that finishes the look. The countertops are formed as a single piece from the backsplash to the front edge, creating a seamless look with incredible depth and dimension. The all-in-one surface also helps to avoid dirt and grime collection making VT Dimensions countertops a more livable, family-friendly option.

“VT Dimensions allows us to offer countertops with a better combination of beauty, performance and affordability than you’ll find in any other countertop option,” said Trisha Schmitt , Vice President Corporate Marketing, VT Industries. “This collection has a granite-like look that homeowners are looking for and is durable, low maintenance and affordable.”

VT Dimensions countertops are manufactured using environmentally friendly materials and practices. The biodegradable, water-based adhesives virtually eliminate harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). VT Industries is the first and only national manufacturer of postformed laminate countertops that are both GREENGUARD Certified and FSC® certified.

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