KRUPS Launches Innovative Toaster Oven

Easily preparing toasted pizza, muffins, and more just got easier with the newest launch from KRUPS.

KRUPS’ latest kitchen innovation is the FBC413 Toaster Oven ($199.99), which just launched in May 2013.

Krups toaster oven

With five functions to select from including: toast, bake, convection bake, broil, and defrost, this machine has the large capacity to accommodate six slices of toast, a 12-inch pizza, six-cup muffin pans, a Pryex 11-cup baking dish, and much more!

  • Bake: 25°increments from 150°to 450°;
  • Convection Bake: 25°increments from 150°to 450°; Convection Bake function circulates heated air around food for faster and even cooking results
  • Toast:  nine levels of browning with countdown timer
  • Broil: uses top elements only, high / low options
  • Defrost: gently and evenly defrosts using convection fan

Patented dual sets of quartz heating elements (one set above, one below) cause food to heat 30 percent faster and offer ultra-precise temperature control, while patented quartz cycling technology alternates 1,600 watts of power to each set of heating elements to produce maximum radiant heat.

The machine’s design features a stainless steel, high-end finish on both the sides and top of the unit with door accents, along with an illuminated LCD control panel featuring easy-to-use controls and high quality, soft-touch buttons. The machine’s non-stick interior surface is durable and easy to clean.

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