Whirlpool Brand Front Load Washer Takes Home Top Honors

Consumers are always searching for appliance innovations to help streamline daily tasks.  On the heels of a number of Good Housekeeping Seals in both the kitchen and laundry category, the latest ratings from several leading consumer publications prove that features available in Whirlpool brand’s laundry pairs are easy enough to use and sophisticated enough to get the job done well.

Whirlpool® is committed to designing innovative technology to improve the lives of their consumers and allow them to get the most from their appliances. Whirlpool’s recent top-rated front load washers offer high-performance cleaning with the shortest available cycle time among recommended front load washers tested by a leading consumer magazine. Thanks to the adaptive clean wash system with precision dispense available in the Whirlpool brand Duet® washer, clothes will look newer for longer. Even better, the Duet® dryer will help preserve the perfect fit with advance moisture sensing, which helps determine when everything is perfectly dry, helping save time and energy.

“Whirlpool continues to always listen to our consumers first, which is why we believe our products continue to resonate with our customers,” said Tanu Grewal, Senior Brand Manager, Whirlpool brand.  “Whirlpool has been at the forefront of consumer appliance brands for more than 100 years and will remain in pursuit of that tradition as we introduce new technologies. With streamlined controls and intuitive features, Whirlpool brand appliances are ‘designed to simplify’ life; in other words – they are so advanced, they are uncomplicated.”


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