Nite Ize Mountables Help Keep the Odds and Ends Organized

Organization never seemed so attainable until Nite Ize and the new Gear Tie Mountables entered the picture.
Known for a no-holds-barred approach to designing the everyday essentials of the active individual, Nite Ize has taken its can-do spirit and applied it to the world of storage and organization. These Gear Tie Mountables can hang like no other hook on the market.
Gear Tie Mountables are the perfect tools for hanging oddly shaped goods in hard to reach or frequently used areas. Each one is built with a durable and flexible Gear Tie, which can be bent, shaped, and wrapped to accommodate any number of items or simply used as a regular hook. They’re the perfect size for holding keys, dog leashes, ID badges, and more where they can be scooped up before walking out the door.
Featuring 3M® Acrylic Plus Tape™ these hooks can be positioned practically anywhere and removed whenever needed without damaging the surface it’s been attached to. Install them in the garage to keep cords out of the way, the outside of the house to hold watering cans and clippers, or line them up along an office wall to keep reading glasses handy and that favorite pen always at the ready. Gear Tie Mountables are available in classic black and white as well as purple and lime hues.
Nite Ize specializes in bringing folks useful items that help simplify life and make their favorite hobbies even more satisfying. Nite Ize has been raising the hardware industry’s bar since a nighttime fishing trip gone awry in 1989. After losing his flashlight to the lake,  Rick Case, president of the company, created the Headband Mini Flashlight Holder. Since that first product he has been adding durable, functional, life and time-saving products to the marketplace.
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