Paring Knives: Sometimes You Need One, and Sometimes You Just Have to Have One

26265 002Kuhn Rikon is adding 17 new SKUs to its extensive Paring Knives Colori® collection. One of them is just bound to inspire your customers first to that “Ooooh” sound and then to pull out a credit card. Take for instance the Cheetah Paring Knife Colori, with a cheetah print blade and black handle, blown up nice and big here so you can see the detail of the print on the blade.

Continuing the animal theme, there’s also the Zebra Paring Knife Colori, with a zebra print blade and black handle.

Polka Dot knife fan 012And look at these Polka Dot Paring Knife Colori, with colorful blades in Black, Pink, Red, Green, Purple or Yellow, decorated with white polka dots.  Handles match colors of blades. We saw these at this year’s IH+HS housewares show, and they’re just as gorgeous in person as in the photograph.

“Paring knives have become a major category for us because we’ve found a way to offer quality performance at everyday price points. Our paring knives are becoming more like peelers, something you buy again and again, sometimes because you need one, and sometimes just for fun,” said Chelsea Schlunt, Managing Director of Kuhn Rikon USA.

The new introductions also include:

Comfort Paring Knife Colori, with a newly designed handle with a hole in it for easy hanging.  Blade and handle with matching colors in Red, Green, Black, White, Blue, Pink or Yellow.

Comfort Serrated Paring Knife Colori, a serrated version of the Comfort Paring Knife Colori, with Red or Black blades and matching handles.

Measuring 8½ inches long, the Kuhn Rikon Paring Knives Colori feature super sharp 4-inch Japanese carbon steel blades. The nonstick blades keep food from sticking, and the matching polypropylene handles are ergonomically designed for easy maneuvering when slicing, chopping or cutting.

Each new paring knife comes with a matching safety sheath for safe and easy storage.

Available for immediate shipment, the new Kuhn Rikon Paring Knives Colori have suggested retail prices ranging from $10 to $12.

Kuhn Rikon is the #1 brand of Swiss cookware and cooks’ tools, marrying Swiss design with American ingenuity to make cooking seriously fun. For more information, contact, or visit

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