Epoca Delivers Pizza Stone Set

Epoca is targeting a broad audience with its new Ecolution® Kitchen Extras! ® 15-Inch Pizza Baking Stone Set.  Whether for baking frozen pizza, reheating pizza or creating a special gourmet pizza recipe, the set offers special advantages for a superior pizza experience.

“This is an item that people can easily understand and appreciate.  The beauty of it is that our pizza stone delivers superior results versus a metal pan, without any extra effort or work.  Whether your pizza is frozen or made from scratch, this is a product you will use,” said Brian Melzer, Executive Vice President of Epoca International Inc.

Ecolution_KitchenExtras_PizzaStone_300dpiThe 15-inch diameter pizza stone is made of natural stone to spread heat quickly and evenly, for perfect pizza pie with crispy crust and gooey cheese. It’s also great for tortillas, biscuits, bagels and other delicious baked goods.

The stone can also be used for serving: take it straight from the oven to the table to keep pizza hotter for a longer period of time.

The Ecolution Kitchen Extras!  15-Inch Pizza Baking Stone Set includes a 15-inch pizza stone, a high-quality pizza cutter with a wooden handle and recipes for Mexican Pizza, BBQ Pizza, Greek Vegetarian Pizza and more.

Available for immediate shipment, the Ecolution Kitchen Extras!  15-Inch Pizza Baking Stone Set has a suggested retail price of $19.99.

All Ecolution packaging is printed on 70 percent recycled material.  Information on recycling is available at www.ecolutionhome.com.

Epoca International Inc. grows and nourishes brands, marketing innovative products under the Ecolution and Primula® brands that solve everyday problems, while presenting the heritage of a variety of different cultures.

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