Zak Launching New Cohesive Everyday Tableware Collection

This year, Zak Designs is introducing a new concept in everyday tabletop designs. Instead of releasing decorated tableware created for specific seasons and separate solid-colored plates, bowls, and drinkware, for everyday casual dining, Zak is launching an entire collection of coordinating plates, bowls, drinkware, serveware, and kitchen prep products that allow customers to mix and match and make a bright, bold, and, most importantly – cohesive – statement all year long.

zak1Included in the collection are several new bright patterns including Cabana Stripe and Burst that combine fashionable colors like orchid, hex orange, and kiwi in fresh new designs. For the softer side, Zak is also releasing subtler patterns like Herb Garden and Meadow that feature softer shades of the same colors as well as lighter colors like palm green and sky blue.

To complement these patterns, Zak is releasing an assortment of dinnerware and drinkware in solid shades of all the colors that coordinate with the patterned lines. The addition of these solids allows consumers to greatly expand their options and further personalize their tabletop and serveware presentation. And, to make sure that this mix-and-match option is available to all consumers, regardless of which lines in the collection appeal to them most, Zak has carried the same basic color story through the whole introduction – from the new Sprinkles line of dinnerware, serveware, and kitchen prep products to the Hammered drinkware, and even the Loft line of kitchen tools.

zak2Creating a cohesive color story that leads from your kitchen to your table and out to your patio shouldn’t have to be complicated. And with the new everyday collection from Zak Designs, it no longer has to be. 

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