Zak’s Bobo Line Combines Function and Fashion for Kids

Across the country and around the world Zak Designs has become known for two things – colorful dinnerware, serveware, and kitchen prep products that brighten everyday tables and special occasions, and durable children’s tableware, drinkware, and on-the-go items that make mealtime fun for kids of all ages. In 2013, those two features will come together in a line of mealtime products for kids that are as functional as they are fashionable.

ZakThe products in the new Bobo line from Zak Designs were inspired by an instantly recognizable symbol of childhood for all the boys who play baseball and the nearly 500,000 girls who participate in Little League softball or baseball each year. Styled by a European designer and developed with cooperation from Zak’s European offices, the Bobo line uses the classic shape of a baseball hat and transforms it into innovative and functional mealtime products for kids.

Included in the line is a mug with a baseball hat lid that can also be used as a small snack bowl. The line also includes a dinner plate and cereal bowl that are shaped to resemble baseball hats. The plate, bowl, mug, and lid along with a spoon are packaged together in an insulated lunch bag made from 40 percent recycled material as a six-piece mealtime set, while the mug, lid, and spoon are sold in a four-piece snack set along with a snack bag made from 70 percent recycled materials. To add a festive brightness to the stylish designs, the durable products in the Bobo line feature fashionable colors for both boys and girls. From the playful designs to the bright, bold colors, the Bobo line from Zak Designs is designed to keep even the trendiest tots smiling at every meal! 


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